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Who is my POL Advisor?

The POL advisors list has been updated for 2020-21. NOTE: Advisors have been assigned for incoming first year students (2020) and returning students (began before Fall 2020). Be sure you check the correct list to find your advisor. You should also be able to find your assigned advisor on MyMiami once updated. 

Who is my POL Advisor?

How do I use the Waitlist?

  1. Do not contact course instructors to be force added to closed courses. POL will again use Waitlist.
  2. Waitlist will open on the first day of Open Registration each semester.
  3. If a course is full, add your name to the Waitlist...see instructions.
  4. If a seat opens, you will be notified by email and have 24 hours to accept or decline the seat.
  5. If you do not respond, you will be dropped from the Waitlist and the next person on the list will be offered the seat...CHECK YOUR EMAIL!

Waitlist information

How often should I meet with my POL Advisor?

This will be different for each student, but we recommend you meet with your POL advisor at least once each semester prior to registering for the upcoming semester. Advisors can answer a variety of questions about the Miami Plan, College of Art and Science requirements, as well as your POL major. If you have a question, we suggest you start with your POL advisor.

Academic Advising in POL

When can I meet with my professor or POL Advisor?

All of the POL faculty and staff office hours can be found on the POL website. If you have time conflicts with the posted office hours, please contact your professor or Advisor to arrange another time to meet. NOTE: these scheduled hours will vary from semester to semester. 

Faculty Office Hours

How do I apply for internship credit?

Visit the Internships and Fellowships page for information and submit your internship application using Handshake. Please contact your POL Advisor for more information about internships.

Internships and Fellowships

What is the "experiential learning" requirement?

The Global Miami Plan requires incoming students to complete an experiential learning requirement. From the EL website, "Experiential learning is the process of making meaning from direct experience in a real world or an "out of the traditional classroom" context. It offers students the opportunity to initiate lifelong learning through the development and application of academic knowledge and skills in new or different settings." Enrolling in POL 340 using the 0-credit option satisfies this Miami Plan requirement. Please contact your POL Advisor for more information.

Experiential Learning Requirement

When are my final exams?

Final examinations are based on a schedule published by Miami at the beginning of each semester. You can look up your final exams based on the days and times your class meets during the semester. The exam schedule for each of your classes will be posted on your myMiami page each semester.

Final Examination Schedule

Does POL offer Undergraduate Associate experiences?

Yes. Many POL faculty members invite high potential undergraduate students to serve as an Undergraduate Associate in their classrooms. You are encouraged to talk to your professor about the UA Program and express your interest in this unique and valuable experience.

Undergraduate Associates

What courses can I take?

POL offers a wide variety of courses each semester. Visit the course catalog to read brief descriptions of the POL course offerings. NOTE: not every course is offered every semester.

POL Course Descriptions

Who should I contact if I want to learn more about POL?

We welcome questions from prospective students. You should first contact the POL main office via email or telephone at 513-529-2000. We are happy to meet with students and their families to discuss how Miami can help you meet your academic and professional goals. We can also arrange a visit to a class if you are interested.

Email POL


updated: 5/11/21