Susanne Abele

Susanne Abele

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Contact Information:
Phone: (513) 529-3649
112 Psychology Building
Miami University
Oxford, OH 45056

Teaching Interests:

Social Decision Making, Economic Psychology, Group Processes and Group Decision Making, and Social Psychology

Research Interests:

Dr. Abele studies the processes and consequences of strategic decision making. More specifically she examines how people tacitly coordinate their actions, how coordination is affected by the timing of decisions and how coordination success and failure affects interpersonal impression and subsequent interactions. Relevant to these issues, she has proposed a distinction between matching and mismatching coordination problems.

Dr. Abele advocates for more understanding of how the specifics of interdependencies affect social behavior.  For example, she identified how subtle differences in incentive structure moderate coordination and conflict in the provision of public goods. Her work also includes the study of group performance and collective choice.

Professional Recognition:

National Science Foundation Grant, BCS 0744696. “Coordination in Small Groups: Matching and Mismatching” $320,000 (PI).

National Science Foundation Grant, SES-1124367. “Missing Links Problems and Participation in Collective Decisions” $ 400,000 (Co-PI).

National Science Foundation Grant, SES-1124132. Doctoral Dissertation Research: Focal Social Actors and Tacit Coordination $ 6040 (PI, Co-PI: Chris Chartier).

Residential Fellowship at the Center for the Study of Rationality Concepts, Economic Modeling and Behavioral Decision Making, University of Mannheim, Germany, Autumn 2007.

Member and Fellow of the Society for Experimental Social Psychology

Representative Publications:

Abele, S., Stasser, G., & Chartier, C. (2010). Conflict and Coordination in the Provision of Public Goods: A Conceptual Analysis of Continuous and Step-Level Games. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 14 (4), 385 – 401.

Abele, S., & Stasser, G. (2008). Coordination success and interpersonal perceptions: Matching and mismatching. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95, 576–592.

Abele, S. (2011). Social Interaction in Cyberspace: Social Construction with Few Constraints. In: Z. Birchmeyer, B. Dietz-Uhler & G. Stasser. Strategic uses of social technology: An interactive perspective of social psychology (pp. 84-107). Cambridge University Press.

Abele, S., & Diehl M. (2008). Finding team mates who are not prone to sucker and free-rider effects: The Protestant Work Ethic as a moderator of motivation losses in group performance. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 11, 39–54.

Abele, S., & Ehrhart, K. (2005). The timing effect in public good games. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 41, 470-481.

Abele, S. Bless, H. & Ehrhart, K.M. (2004) Social Information Processing in Strategic Decision Making. Why Timing Matters. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 93, 28 – 46.