Core Values

Cadet at target practice

For over 230 years, the Navy and Marine Corps Team has had success in both peace and war by reliance on certain values held by its members. These shared values are the most important factors that contribute to the success of the naval service. Our Core Values are honor, courage, and commitment. These values are enduring and are integral to the profession of arms. Our Core Values are neither situational nor merely workplace attributes; rather they epitomize the thoughts and deeds of a Naval Officer every minute of every day.

Honor is a keen sense of ethical conduct, honesty, integrity, and responsibility.

Courage is an attribute of naval officers who must exhibit this core value not only when it is physically hazardous, but also when morally challenged. Each must make the right decision in the best interest of the nation and the Naval Service without regard for personal consequence. Our freshmen (or Fourth Class) Midshipmen report aboard with character that has been formed through the diligent efforts of parents, family, teachers, coaches, religious and other youth mentors. It is our task to help each Midshipman continue to strengthen and develop that character so that they become the best Navy and Marine Corps leaders; to ensure that they can fulfill the sacred trust of successfully leading other young men and women into combat.

Commitment to follow one's oath to the Constitution, to care for the safety, professional, personal, and spiritual well-being of each Marine and Sailor is the responsibility of every naval officer. Each must demonstrate respect toward all people without regard to race, religion or gender; treat each individual with human dignity; and exhibit the highest degree of moral character, technical excellence, quality, and competence.