Advising Resources

Academic Advisors

Each CCA student has an academic advisor in their major. Your academic advisor will help you schedule classes, read your degree audit, and assist you with career advice. First-year students will have an academic advisor assigned in the first week of September. The Lead Departmental Advisors (listed below) can help with more complicated departmental advising questions and with course substitutions for curriculum requirements.

Department Chairs

Department Chairs coordinate all department activity and connect the department to the College of Creative Arts and Miami University. Take your ideas about department initiatives and departmental concerns to this office.

Divisional Advisors

Divisional Advisors can assist with university academic questions; academic actions such as probation, suspension or dismissal; liberal education or transfer courses; and petitions for exceptions to academic policies.

Note to Parents

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, commonly known as FERPA, provides students with a right of access to their education records, permits students to challenge the accuracy of the records, and prohibits the non-consensual release of such information except in limited circumstances. In order to comply with Federal Law, we can only release records to parents if students are claimed as dependents on Federal income taxes, or with written consent of the student. View Miami’s FERPA policy.