Communication Design Minor (formerly Graphic Design)

A laptop is open with the screen showing colorful graphic elements. Assorted printed graphic design materials are scattered on the table.
 Students seated at rectangular tables work on computers during a typography class

The mission of the Communication Design Minor is to enable learners to gain the communication design thinking, knowledge, and skills that will enhance their core area of study. Learners grow these competencies through exercises, projects, and learning experiences designed to develop practical, analytical, creative, emotional, and social intelligences. Those who complete the program are prepared to use their skills to develop and produce visual outcomes that communicate clearly, activating conceptual messaging and detailed aesthetic.

The Communication Design Minor is composed of courses required for the BFA in Communication Design, giving students an opportunity to begin work toward either program during their first semester at Miami.


Students desiring to pursue the Communication Design minor must complete an application process and must satisfy the following requirements:

  • A minimum 2.50 GPA
  • Earned at least a "C" semester grade in ART 151 Becoming a People-Driven Designer (1hr.)
  • Submit work completed in ART 151

Each applicant's work will be reviewed by the Communication Design faculty, who all have professional experience as working designers. The Communication Design minor review occurs every spring semester in March.

Visit our Design Miami Ohio blog to apply.

Program Requirements

A minimum of 19 credit hours is required for the minor.

Required Courses

ART 111 Design and Composition (3hrs.)

ART 151 Becoming a People-Driven Designer (1hr.)

ART 227 Design Research Methods Basics (3hrs.)

ART 251 Typography (3hrs.)

ART 252 Image (3hrs.)

ART 455/555 A History of Design (3hrs.)


Choose 3 credit hours from the following:

ART 449/549 Design Career Readiness (3hrs.)

ART 436/536 Applied Experience Design: Walt Disney World (3hrs.) Online/Study Away (at Walt Disney World for 1 week)

ART 450/550 Letterpress Printing (3hrs.)

ART 460/560 Special Topics Design Studio (3hrs.)

Total Credit Hours: 19

Many courses for the Communication Design minor have no prerequisites, so students interested in the minor can begin coursework before being officially admitted. 

Completing these courses before being admitted to the minor does not guarantee admission. Consult with an adviser and carefully examine how these courses support your graduation plan before enrolling.

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