Undergraduate Admission Requirements

Incoming first-year and transfer students pursuing a major in architecture, art (studio), art education, communication design (graphic design), interior design, music, music composition, music education, music performance, or theatre are required to submit a portfolio and/or schedule an audition/interview by the admission application deadline. This is in addition to completing the Common Application for admission to Miami University.

No portfolio is required for students pursuing a major in art and architecture history or interactive media studies.

Portfolio and/or Audition Information

Live with others who love the arts!

Check out the Celebrate the Arts or Innovation, Design Thinking, and Creativity living learning communities. Some students in these communities are CCA majors while others have great interests in the arts.

Graduate Admission

The College of Creative Arts offers nationally accredited and highly selective and competitive graduate degree programs across all of our four departments:

Each degree program offers opportunities for assistantships and tuition waivers. Application deadlines vary among departments.

Additionally, Graduate Certificates for Professional Development are currently available in Advanced Studio Art and Interactive Media Studies.

Contact a Graduate Director (list on left) or visit the Graduate School for more information and to apply.

More Questions?

Every CCA department appreciates and encourages your phone calls and emails, and especially welcomes your visits. Please visit us so you can meet the students, the faculty, see the facilities, and get a real sense for the opportunities in the arts at Miami.

You are also welcomed and encouraged to call or email Gretchen Radler, Assistant Dean, at 513-529-2209 with additional questions.