I'm in the Wrong Film

August 28-December 15, 2018

Seventeen photographs selected from an ongoing series serve as Hans Gindlesberger’s exploration of Middle America and the loss of identity that has become endemic as a result of economic and population decline. Growing up in small-town Ohio and living in Buffalo, New York, the photographer is keenly aware of the hardships faced by these places and their residents. Gindlesberger seeks to visually represent the feeling of futility and alienation that comes with living in a place that is losing its identity from within and its reputation as seen by the rest of the nation.

The artist constructs each work by creating a montage of elements from numerous photographs taken across the nation. He digitally assembles these photos into scenes that are realistic but intentionally leaves slight incongruities for the viewer to observe. One may feel that the locations in his photos are tainted and should not exist. So it can be with the small towns that have withered to shells of their former existence. In this way, Gindlesberger seeks to shine a light on the struggles of people and places that often go unheeded and unassisted.

10 a.m.-5 p.m. | Saturday Noon-5p.m.

I'm in the Worng Film Exhibition August 28-December 15, 2018


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Exhibition Talk

Curatorial Insights: Lonesome Traveler and I’m in the Wrong Film

Tuesday, September 11 | 5:30 p.m.

Explore the development of two current exhibitions presented by Curatorial Interns, Heather Burich (Art History ‘19) and Ries Yuellig (Art History ’18). Introductions and exhibitions overview by Jason E. Shaiman, Curator of Exhibitions, will set the stage for artists Rockwell Kent and Hans Gindlesberger, and their connections to the Fall exhibitions’ theme of Crossroads.

Co-sponsored with the Art Museum Student Organization.


Artist Gallery Talk & Reception

A Journey with Hans Gindlesberger

Thursday, September 27, 4:30-5:30 p.m. Artist Reception; 5:50-7:05 p.m. Gallery Talk

Hans Gindlesberger, Assistant Professor, Department of Art, Binghamton University, SUNY

Hans Gindlesberger will shed light on the development of his photographic series I’m in the Wrong Film in a gallery tour of the exhibition. His narrative will lead visitors through some of the precursors to the work, and an introduction to his observations of the social and political position of small town, Middle America. Gindlesberger will also discuss technical aspects of his working method involved in image-making that goes beyond mere photographic processes, and how I’m in the Wrong Film transitioned into other work.

Co-sponsored with the Contemporary Art Forum, Department of Art, Miami University. Generously supported by FOTOFOCUS.


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