Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2018

August 28-December 15, 2018

Lonesome Traveler (Douglass Gallery)
Fifteen prints by Rockwell Kent from MUAM’s collection present the solitary world of figures rendered by the artist in response to both personal reflection and his views on Transcendentalism. Some depict the solitary figures in acts of separation from the rest of the world, as if attempting to escape into aloneness. Kent’s approach to rendering the figures draws attention to an introspective search for one’s self.

I’m In The Wrong Film (McKie Gallery)
Hans Gindlesberger’s I’m in the Wrong Film is a consideration of our troubled relationship to the marginal places that exist in the national landscape. The title of the series is a colloquialism used to indicate a speaker’s disorientation in regard to physical surroundings that have taken on a disconcerting, fictitious quality. In this series of staged and performative photographs, the experience of individual dislocation the phrase describes is applied more broadly, in articulating the collective loss of identity that permeates the rural and post-industrial landscape of America.

Comfort Zones: The Crossroads of Urban & Rural (Farmer Gallery)
A sense of place and a moment in time. These are the connections that unite the artistic creations of Chicago-based urban painter Mary Phelan and Southwest Virginian rural painter Eldridge Bagley. Each paints from life experiences, expressing an admiration for their roots, while offering nostalgic recollections and commentaries on the present. Both artists allude to the poetics of everyday life, finding beauty in the conventional and idiosyncratic dynamics of their respective stomping grounds.

Spring 2019

Student Response Exhibition (SRE): Outside the Box
What is a box? Is it a physical form or an abstract concept? Does a box have to follow a strict definition? Miami University students are asked to creatively respond to these questions in a juried exhibition.
Douglass Gallery

Art History Capstone Exhibition: Indigenous Peoples
Dr. Jordan Fenton, an Assistant Professor of Art History at Miami University will guide his students in the creation of an exhibition about the arts and material culture of indigenous peoples within the Art Museum’s collections. This exhibition is part of an annual exhibition series in collaboration with the Art and Architecture History program at Miami University.
McKie Gallery

40@40: Collections Highlights
The Miami University Art Museum opened during the 1978-1979 academic year. While the ruby is recognized as the special emblem of a 40th anniversary, the Art Museum’s collection certainly consists of some real gems among the more than 17,000 objects in our holdings. This exhibition presents 40 of the Art Museum’s important pieces in celebration of this upcoming anniversary.
Farmer Gallery