Upcoming Exhibitions

Fall 2023

August 22–December 9, 2023
It’s Our World: A Student Response Exhibition (Douglass Gallery)
In this 8th juried Student Response Exhibition (SRE), Miami University students are called upon to creatively respond to a theme - the Environment. It's Our World, is one of two exhibitions in 2023-24 developed in conjunction with the University's FOCUS theme of Sustainability led by the Institute for Environment and Sustainability. Students will creatively reflect and respond to our changing environment, illustrating how creative expression can be used to observe, understand, represent, and draw attention to environmental issues that face individuals and the collective in this one world we share. Interpretations are subject to the student's personal perspective, major/minor, year of study, culture, age, and experiences.

A Golden Time: Turn of the Century Ohio Artists (McKie Gallery)
The late 19th and early 20th centuries were a golden time for artists across Ohio. In particular, many women with strong Ohio connections, including Elizabeth Nourse, Alice Schille, and Maria Longworth Nichols Storer (founder of Rookwood Pottery) helped propel the state to national attention. It was also a remarkable time for women who gained much respect and recognition for their own artistic merits. Painting, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, and furniture and woodworking, were the most widely produced and celebrated art forms. In addition to the rise of women artists in Ohio, many important art institutes and museums were founded to promote educational opportunities and venues for public appreciation of the arts.
Heritage: Shaping Past, Present and Future (Farmer Gallery)
Representations of the past, whether real or imagined, have long been the focus of artists and craftspeople through the ages. Heritage explores how traditions have been reinvented and reimagined over time, from mythologizing to romanticizing, along with attempts to document and conserve in tandem with dismantling the past on to contemporary artists who are exploring new ways of representing, reinventing, and deconstructing cultural heritage in present day and future pasts. Heritage will feature diverse voices from Miami University faculty and external scholars who will contribute interpretive writings in response to select works relevant to the themes of the exhibition and their academic disciplines.