A minor in one of the fields offered by the CSE department is a great way to gain exceptional experience in the field that can encourage furthering your career.

Computer Science

This minor is for students in majors other than Computer Science, Software Engineering, or Systems Analysis. The objective is to provide a cohesive program enabling students to learn the fundamentals of software design and development and a variety of other topics in computer science. In addition to gaining an understanding of the software design and development process, students will acquire problem solving and algorithm design skills.

Digital Game Studies

The Digital Game Studies Minor is a series of courses on digital game design, analysis, and application, presenting a collaboration between the Armstrong Institute for Interactive Media Studies, the College of Arts and Sciences, the School of Fine Arts, the School of Education, Health, and Society and the University Libraries.


Students completing a bioinformatics minor gain basic knowledge of biology and programming needed to work in this area, as well as an understanding of how computational techniques can be used to advance our knowledge of the life sciences and biomedicine.