Thematic Sequences

CSE 2 Computer Programming

Because computer information systems usually are not developed by single individuals, it is likely that you will participate on a development team during your professional life. With this sequence, you are in a unique position to understand, assist, and contribute to the development of information systems that improve your own and your colleagues' way of work. Prerequisite: Ability to program.

1. CSE 174 Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving (3); and

2. CSE 271 Object-Oriented Programming (3); and

3. CSE 252 Web Application Programming (3)  or

    CSE 274 Data Abstraction and Data Structures (3)

Note: Not open to majors in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering.

CSE 4 Website and Game Technology

Given the prevalence on computing devices, it is important that we understand what they do and how they do it. The web site and computer game technology thematic sequence is designed to provide students with an intuitive understanding of how computer software is created and designed and how it functions to make possible common applications such as computer games and the World Wide Web. After learning the concepts and skills of computer programming, students will apply this knowledge to design and create a variety of computer games and web applications.

1. Any one of the following introductory courses

CSE 153 Introduction to C/C++ Programming, or

CSE 163 Introduction to Computer Concepts and Programming, or

CSE 174 Fundamentals of Programming and Problem Solving; and

2. CSE 251 Computational Modeling and Simulation (3); and

3. CSE 252 Web Application Programming (3)