Faculty Research Interests

MME faculty are active in a variety of research areas. You are welcome to contact them directly to explore these or other topics further.


Hamilton (Welding)
Khan (Biocompatible polymers)
Moller (Materials chemistry, atomistic simulation)  
Ye (Mechanics of nanomaterials)


Jahan (Micro and nano machining)
Ye (Nanotribology, atomic friction)

Medical devices and mechatronics

Bailey-Van Kuren (Pediatric mechatronics)
Corti (Micro and nano-electromechanical systems)
Shukla (Harmonic devices)

System dynamics and controls

Cameron (Transmission systems, gears and clutches)
Chagdes (Nonlinear dynamical systems, biomechanics)
Koo (Smart materials)
Shukla (Non-linear dynamics)
Singh (Vibration, aeroelastic and rotor dynamic control)

Thermo-fluid systems

Caraballo (Flow control, reduced order modeling)
Sommers (Air-side heat transfer, micro-fluids)

Learning technologies and engineering education

Dollar (Interactive learning)