Steering Committee

The Humanitarian Engineering and Computing (HE&C) Steering Committee consists of faculty and staff appointed by the Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing. This group developed the minor and is responsible for continuing oversight of the program.

This Steering Committee is also responsible for pre-approval of the following courses or activities to meet the requirements of the minor.

  • Study Abroad course with a Service component
  • Independent Study course (with a humanitarian or service focus)
  • Project for capstone courses

To be approved courses, independent study projects, ​and ​senior design projects must require that students learn, extend, or apply domain knowledge through activities that have the potential to enhance the lives of and opportunities for people on a local, national, or international level.​ 

For approval of one of these items/activities, a student must request and complete a petition that can be obtained from the HE&C Advisor in your department. Your advisor will assist with any questions and bring the petition to the Steering Committee for review. The members of the Humanitarian Engineering and Computing minor are shown below.

Jessica Sparks

Jessica Sparks, Committee Chair
Chemical, Paper and Biomedical Engineering

Daniela Inclezan

Daniela Inclezan
Computer Science and Software Engineering

Miao Wang

Miao Wang
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Amit Shukla 2018

Jeong-Hoi Koo
Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Doug Troy

Doug Troy, Ex-officio
College of Engineering and Computing