A minor is a specialized, focused program of courses that students select to increase career opportunities, investigate an area completely separate from their major, or to complement the education and skills of the chosen major. A minor is optional and must be completed in addition to a major.

Most of the minors below are open to all students, including those with majors in the College of Engineering and Computing. However, you cannot earn a minor in the same area as your major (for example, a student majoring in Chemical Engineering cannot also earn a minor in Chemical Engineering) and there may be other restrictions on earning minors. Check with your advisor or the department administering the minor.

Students may use a minor to meet the Global Miami Plan Thematic Sequence requirement if the minor has 9 hours outside the department of major and 6 of those 9 hours are at the 200 level or above. See the Global Miami Plan section of the Miami website for more information.


Chemical, Paper, and Biomedical Engineering Minors


Computer Science and Software Engineering Minors


Electrical and Computer Engineering Minors


Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Minors


Interdisciplinary Engineering Minors