OAE Testing Information for Licensure

It is a requirement for licensure that you take and pass the relevant Ohio Assessment for Educators (OEA) tests. For most MCE majors this means you will need to take 4 tests – one for general Assessment of Professional Knowledge, one each for the two content areas in which you will be licensed to teach, and one for the foundations of reading requirement. Specific information on each of these tests, including the test number and passing score are provided below.

Prior to student teaching, you must take (you are not required to pass) both content area assessments related to your major.

Middle Childhood Education

Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Middle Childhood (4-9) (Test 002)

Foundations of Reading (Test 090)

AND each of your concentration areas (Take prior to student teaching):

Middle Grades English/Language Arts (Test 028)

Middle Grades Mathematics (Test 030)

Middle Grades Science (Test 029)

Middle Grades Social Studies (Test 031)

The assessments include multiple-choice questions and some also include constructed-response assignments. Passing status is based on a candidate’s performance across all sections of an assessment.


Special Education

Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Multi-Age (PK-12) Test 004 (Take any time senior year)


Mild-Moderate Needs (K-12) Special Education Test 043 (Recommended but not required before student teaching)


For additional information: http://www.oh.nesinc.com/

Test preparation information can be accessed from this website.

For Generalist

If you have taken the coursework related to receiving a Generalist License in MCE, you will need to register for test number OH 702 (OAE Elementary Education). This includes the two subtests that one used to have to take separately (OH018 and OH019). This would be in addition to the tests above for your two regular content areas.

Please Note: As state testing guidelines are subject to change, we recommend always reviewing the latest testing requirements on the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) website.