Family Science

This degree prepares students for employment in human service and family life education programs in community agencies. Family Science also prepares students for graduate work in a a variety of social science fields, including family science, marriage and family therapy, developmental psychology, gerontology and family sociology. Graduates receive a Bachelor of Science in Family Science.

As of 05/08/2020 we are no longer accepting students in the Family Science major. Our new major combines the Social Work and Family Science curriculum into a single major. You can find more about this the Social Work home page.

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Social Work

This degree prepares students for social work practice by integrating the knowledge, values and skills, of the social work profession. Graduates of this accredited program earn a Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BSW) and are eligible for licensing in Ohio and many other states. Graduates of the BSW are eligible to enter the Master of Arts in Social Work (MASW) as Advanced Standing students, which allows them to complete their master's degree at an accelerated pace.

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