Child Life Specialist

This certificate is open to:
  • Current Miami master’s students
  • Newly admitted Miami students
  • Students who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree at another university and need additional courses for child life certification


Courses in the Child Life Specialist Graduate Certificate
Course Credits
FSW 581: Adolescent Development in Diverse Families: Ages 13-25 3
FSW 575: Family Theories 3
FSW 545: Therapeutic Play 3
FSW/SOC 535: Death Studies 3
FSW 616: Social Work Research I 3
FSW 640: Internship

Application Process

 Graduate Child Life Certificate Application Requirements

  1. Personal Statement (<300 words): 
    1. Why have you chosen to enter the field of Child Life? 
    2. What experiences do you have working with children?
  2. Official Transcript(s)
  3. Minimum GPA: 3.0
  4. Relevant Coursework: The Child Life certificate includes the following coursework. Please note courses you have taken at the undergraduate and graduate level (include CRNs and titles) that may fulfill any of these course requirements. 
    • Child Life Theory and Practice (this course is specific, and would have been taught by a Child Life Professional)
    • Child Development 0-18 yrs (e.g., early, middle, or adolescent)
    • Family Systems
    • Play
    • Death/Dying or Loss/Bereavement 
    • Research Methods

Applications are due September 1 for spring admission, February 1 for summer admission, and March 1 for fall admission.

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Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Propose an age-appropriate intervention using their understanding of child development from age 12 through young adulthood.
  2. Critique social science research reports related.
  3. Create and present a technique for therapeutic play to be used by child life specialists.