When do I need to have my funds spent out? What is the last day I may charge to the account?

A. Charges for supplies or materials need to be encumbered on a purchase order or limited purchase order before the last day of your grant period. Travel must occur before the last day of your grant period. The same rule applies to payroll charges. The work must take place before the last day of your grant period.

Why can't I charge certain items, i.e. hospitality, or meals on my grant?

A. Federal and/ or State agencies establish the guidelines. We are required to monitor and provide reports to the agencies on expenditures on the project certifying that we are in compliance with agency regulations.

Can I ever charge hosting to my grant?

A. Hosting may be charged to the grant if the agency approves the budget with hosting included or you receive prior approval for hosting charges.

How do I get a no cost extension?

A. Please contact your grant accountant 90 days prior to the end of your grant for agency specific requirements.

What do I do once I receive an extension?

A. Forward a copy of the extension from the granting agency to your Staff Accountant in the Grants & Contracts Office. This is the only way the Grants Office can update your account in Banner.

Can I transfer funds to another Grant?

A. Absolutely not, grant funds must be expended from the account set-up for the purpose of the grant award.

I find that I am exceeding the budget in some categories. What do I need to do?

A. In most cases the Contract/Agreement dictates the requirement for revised budget. Contact your Grant Accountant for more information.

Who needs to fill out Time & Effort (T&E) report?

A. Any Faculty, unclassified employee or Graduate student, who get paid from a Federal award, needs to fill out the T&E report because this is required by federal regulations.

Note: Classified and undergraduate student employees do not need to complete the T&E report.

How often do I need to complete the Time & Effort report?

A. You need to complete this report for every semester.

How do I complete the Time & Effort report?

A. Your total working time in one semester is 100%. Report your effort distribution according to the categories on the form.

If my employee on the Time & Effort is not available for signature, can I sign for him/her as a PI?

A. Yes, As PI, you can sign for your employee under this situation as long as you have first-hand knowledge of how much time he/she worked on your grant. If you are the PI and the employee, the Chair or Dean would sign as supervisor.

What does Contributed Effort on Time & Effort report mean?

A. Contributed Effort is the difference between the percent of time charged to your grant and/or cost share versus the percent of time actually worked on the project but charged to another institutional fund. You are responsible for tracking this time and it is subject to audit at any time.

What happens if I charged the wrong grant for expenses?

A. As a rule, you should always try to charge the expense to the correct grant. A review of your grant expenditures through your monthly statements will assure accuracy of all expenditures in a timely basis. However, should a grant be charged incorrectly, an Online Banner Web Journal Voucher should be completed within 90 days of the original charge or transaction date. A full description of this process can be found on our home page under the Banner/BannerWeb Documents and Forms page.

I have just received notice of my new award. When can I begin charging to my grant?

A. A new fund or index code must be assigned to your grant in Banner. Before a grant can be set up, the Grants Office must have documentation from the funding agency that you have been awarded a new grant. This can be in the form of an email or a letter. We cannot set up a grant based on a verbal conversation. If you have received documentation of the award, please contact the Grants Office to make sure they we have also received the notice. Once it is assigned an index code, an email will be sent to the appropriate contacts to let them know what the number is.

I know what expenses have been charged to my grant. Can I go ahead and submit the financial report?

A. NO. All financial reports to the funding agency should be prepared by the Grants & Contracts Office. All reports and invoices from Miami University are required to be signed by the Controller or their designated person.