Media Advertising PR Week
Wall Street Week - students stand around the famous Gold Bull on wall street
White board in the foreground that says, Welcome to Miami University Startup Weekend. No talk, All Action.
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Hands-On Learning

Become a Client!

Win, Win — Student teams tackle client needs

What you get:

Dynamic student teams take on the challenge of your company's project for a complete semester.

What we get:

Students get hands-on experience with real-world clients.

Check out the links to the left to see a range of our programs — and what we've already done for some of our clients. Find the best match for your company's needs, or contact us for more info.

We believe that learning should not be limited to classrooms, textbooks and lectures. For more than forty years, we have provided our students with multiple hands-on learning options; in the classroom, on campus, in competitions with other universities, and in other countries. These real world experiences are invaluable opportunities for our students to apply the skills they have acquired at the Farmer School and learn to work collaboratively.