Wil Haygoods summer reading book, Tigerland
Wil Haygood works with a group of facilitators.
Students attending a paper workshop
Students doing field work with Nik Money
Students studying in quad

Office of Liberal Education

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Office of Liberal Education
315 A, B Laws Hall

A Miami Tradition

A traditional strength of Miami University is its emphasis on liberal education. Miami University was founded on the belief that a liberal education provides the best possible framework for life in a changing world. That emphasis on liberal studies continues today and is referred to as the Miami Plan for Liberal Education, or the Global Miami Plan. Liberal education complements specialized studies in your major and provides a broadened context for exploring social, academic, political, and professional choices. It is designed to help students understand and creatively transform human culture and society by giving students the tools to ask questions, examine assumptions, exchange views with others, and become a better global citizen.

All students beginning in Fall 2015, regardless of major, are required to participate in the Global Miami Plan for Liberal Education.