Selected media placements of contributions by Miamians and the local and global impact of the university.

Michael Brudzinski study on earthquakes and deep natural gas wells
Pittsburg Post-Gazette, Feb. 13 and KDKA-AM Radio, Feb. 12 and WESA Radio RM, Feb. 15 (subscription may be required)
Tammy Kernodle to conduct lecture at National Women’s History Month Festival, Feb. 13 (subscription may be required)
Miami honors Wally Szczerbiak during “Wally Night”
My Dayton Daily, Feb. 10 (subscription may be required)
Patterson Place Museum among Butler County historical sites
My Dayton Daily, Feb. 12 (subscription may be required)
Michael Brudzinski on the impact of fracking
Energy, Feb. 7 (subscription may be required)