How Do I Re-Enroll at Miami?

Students can re-enroll at Miami by submitting an application for re-enrollment.

Application deadlines for re-enrollment are as follows:

  • Fall Semester re-enrollment - August 1
  • Winter Term re-enrollment - December 1
  • Spring Semester - January 10
  • Summer Term - April 15.

Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a case-by-case basis prior to the start of the term and may be denied. Students with holds on their academic record are cautioned that some types of holds prevent re-enrollment until the hold is cleared.

International students are advised to submit re-enrollment requests 3-4 months before the beginning of the term of intended enrollment to allow sufficient time for visa processing. For additional questions, please contact International Student and Scholar Services at

Re-Enrollment After Withdrawal

Students who withdraw from or stop attending Miami University and wish to re-enroll must submit an application for re-enrollment.

Students who have registered for a future term at the time of withdrawal will have their future term registration cancelled unless they complete the re-enrollment process at least two weeks before the start of the return term.

Oxford students who have future term registration and do not wish to return to Miami may contact the One Stop ( or 513-529-0001) to cancel that registration up until close of business on the 3rd day of that term.

Regional students may contact the Regional One Stop via or 513-217-4111 to cancel registration up until close of business on the 3rd day of the term.