Frequently Asked Questions

We have gathered up some of the most common questions about parking on campus.  We hope you find this page helpful. If you have any additional questions, please contact us!

Do I need a permit to park on campus?

Yes. A Miami parking permit is required to park in any campus parking lot at all times including evenings, weekends and holidays. Visit our Permits Page to learn more about options and prices.  Maple Street and Oak Street do not require permits in evenings and weekends.

Where can I park?

Miami has three very large parking lots on the perimeter of campus for students, faculty and staff to park in. They are Millett, Ditmer and Chestnut Fields. Student permits allow for 24 hour parking in these lots. Lots in the campus core with signs saying “Red permits only 7 am to 6 pm Mon-Fri.” are reserved for visitors, faculty and staff during school hours however in the evenings and weekends cars bearing white, yellow or blue student permits may park in these lots (but must be moved by 7 am on weekdays).  Visit our Parking Areas page to learn more about specific parking areas on campus.

Can I park outside my residence hall if I need to drop something off?

Students needing to load or unload in front of their hall may request to do so 4 times per semester if they have a current permit. We call this our "Login Procedure." Just pull into a legal parking space near your hall and email ( or call (513-529-2224) our office.  You'll need to tell us your name, make & model of car and location. You will then have 20 minutes to load/unload. If you receive a ticket during that time just call us with the ticket number and tell us you were “logged in” at the time and we will cancel the ticket.

What about meters?

There are very few meters on campus, they are intended for visitors and they are often occupied. However we have two garages you may park in without a permit.

Visit to access your online receipt.

How do I learn more about the bus system on campus?

Miami contracts with BCRTA to run a shuttle service continuously around campus and the surrounding community. Students and employees who present a valid Miami University ID pay no fare to ride on the local and regional routes. Visit our Transportation page for route maps and schedules.

Who can purchase visitor permits?

Students may not buy visitor permits. If you have a family member or guest coming to visit you, they will need to order a visitor permit for $5.00 per day, print it out and put it on their dashboard. Do not order it for them. Students ordering visitor permits risk a $300 fine.

How do I pay a ticket?

Log into your parking services online account and select the violation you need to pay. Students may pay violations by applying them to their Bursar account or by credit card online; employees may have violations payroll deducted or pay by credit card online; all others may pay by credit card online.

How do I appeal a ticket?

If you receive a parking ticket (citation) and you feel you were legally parked according to your permit and posted signage, or if there were extenuating circumstances, you may appeal the ticket in writing through your Online Parking Account. An appeals committee made up of faculty, students and staff who have no affiliation to the parking office will review your appeal and render a decision.

Where can I find the Miami Parking Policy?

When you drive onto campus or purchase a Miami parking permit you agree to be held to the Miami Parking Policy. We highly encourage you to review the Parking Policy, and become familiar with it.