A group of students from Miami Regionals theatre.
 Students looking at artwork at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts
 Students at a visit to the Fitton Center for Creative Arts.
 Rob Schorman standing in front of the classroom teaching with a piece of paper in his hand.

Get Connected

Students in the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts explore and engage with the world’s rich and diverse cultural heritage. Disciplines represented include Studio Art, Art History, Classics, History, International Studies, Media and Culture, Music, Philosophy, Religion, and Theatre. In each of these disciplines we discover the ways in which the human experience has been documented allowing us to connect to those who have come before us and explore how we may shape our future. Our dynamic, student-centered department strives for collaboration and creative interactions across disciplines, contributing to the principles of a Liberal Arts education.

With a major in the Department of Humanities and Creative Arts, students will improve their ability to think critically, express themselves creatively, and communicate effectively in preparation for such careers as researchers, artists, educators, writers, performers, analysts, entrepreneurs, administrators, etc. Each discipline is closely connected to their departments on the Oxford campus.


Our mission is to provide high quality instruction and field experiences that will lead to careers in the humanities and creative arts. As a department, our goal is to provide a learning environment that encourages active student participation, critical thinking, collaborative scholarly experiences with faculty, and research projects.