Family Orientation

Family Orientation is an important part of supporting your Miami student. At Family Orientation, we hope you learned about the requirements, opportunities, and resources available at Miami University. This folder contains many of the presentations from Family Orientation 2019

Three Reminders from Family Orientation 

1. family communication plan 2. Areas of challenge and resources 3. academic and co-curricualr goals

Discuss and tentatively set a family communication plan with your student, rather than assume you both envision communication in the same manner. Some students call once a week, others talk several times per day and text between, and still others wait for their family to initiate the communication. Find the plan that works best for you, adjusting as the semester and year progress. And don't forget to include any younger siblings in the plan; they also need opportunities to talk to their older sibling! 

Continue to discuss possible areas of challenge related to your student's transition to college, including the academic transition, feeling at home at Miami, meeting new people, and living with a roommate. As the beginning of school gets closer, your student may begin to worry about these different aspects of the transition.

Revisit the academic and co-curricular goals your student set at orientation. Discuss whether these goals have changed or whether your student has added more depth. Help your student anticipate that even the best plans do not always materialize in the expected form and that adjusting these goals is a natural part of the college experience.

2019 Family Orientation Topics

General Family Orientation Sessions

  • Housing and Dining On Campus (Campus Services)
  • Supporting a Student Who Commutes to Miami
  • Creating Community: On-Campus Living at Miami - Office of Residence Life
  • Community Expectations - Office of the Dean of Students
  • Student Health Insurance & Immunization Requirements - Student Health Service
  • Building Family Partnerships (four common transition issues for first-year students)

Family Breakout Sessions

  • #GetInvolved - Office of Diversity Affairs, Wilks Leadership Institute, Student Activities
  • Fraternity & Sorority Life - Cliff Alexander Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life
  • Academic Support/Tutoring - Rinella Learning Center
  • Tech Talk: IT Services - IT Services
  • Career Development in the First Year - Center for Career Exploration and Success
  • Student Medical Services & Health Insurance - Student Health Service
  • Student Mental Health & Counseling - Student Counseling Service
  • Services for Students with Disabilities - Student Disability Services
  • Student Success Center
  • Textbooks & the MU Bookstore
  • PNC Bank
  • First Miami Student Credit Union

Visit the Orientation & Transition Programs website for information about post-orientation tasks for students. This folder contains many of the presentations from Family Orientation 2019