Miami Buyway presents an easy, user-friendly shopping/purchasing experience, allowing users to shop on-line, select items, place items in an electronic shopping cart, and submit their requisitions. All new treasurers must complete Buyway training. Go to Buyway Training for available dates and times from Miami University's Purchasing and Central Services Department.

Processing Expenditures

PLEASE NOTE: On-Campus Services (catering services, room/rec rental fees, technical fees, bookstore purchases, etc.) are billed directly to a student organization's index/account code. Miami University does not pay sales tax in several states - check Accounts Payable for the listing and for the state's tax exemption certificate. Generally, the certificate must be filled in and presented to the seller at the time of purchase.

Student organization treasurers must submit expenditure requests through Miami University's Buyway financial system to:

  • Create purchase orders (non-catalog items), accepted by many vendors in the Oxford area. Call vendors in advance to check if they do or do not accept POs from Miami University.
  • Request a single usage credit card number for online purchases and Enterprise rentals (will need to upload documentation).
  • Pay vendor or individual for services, process reimbursements to members, and pay for goods obtained without a PO (an invoice or receipt will need to be uploaded for each transaction).
  • Reimbursements - Paying out of pocket should be an absolute last resort - do so sparingly. 
    • If a reimbursement is your only option, contact Accounts Payable for verification. 
    • It is specifically discouraged for faculty, staff or students to process requisitions for personal reimbursement of university supplies and/or services unless under the most extreme circumstances.   
    • To receive a reimbursement, members MUST fill in the Reimbursement Certification Form, which will need to be uploaded into Buyway. 
    • NOTE – General Accounting Gas Reimbursement Policy

Buyway Access

To access BuyWay and submit transactions, student organizations must have the following in place:

  • Completed annual student organization registration through the Hub.
  • A student organization account (C-9xxx, UD-9xxx and/or SD-9xxx index number).
  • A treasurer listed on the Hub roster - who has completed Buyway training.
  • An advisor listed on the Hub’s roster.

Transaction Approval Process

Once the treasurer has submitted a Buyway request, the transaction must be approved by the advisor. Advisors will receive an e-mail notification from Buyway stating an approval request is pending. Once approved by the advisor, the treasurer will receive an e-mail confirmation from Buyway. Questions regarding Buyway transactions should be directed to the Accounts Payable Department: