Who is eligible to receive services at the Student Health Service?

Any Miami University student registered for classes is eligible.

Do I need to have an appointment?

The Student Health Service (SHS) does operate by appointment. To schedule your first appointment with Student Health Services, call the clinic at 529-3000, option #1. At your first visit to the clinic, you will create a password and your MYCHART account will be activated. MYCHART is a feature of EPIC, the electronic medical record system Miami has recently adopted. MYCHART provides you access to a portion of your medical record and enables you to schedule online appointments. After you have visited the clinic for the first time, you are able to self-schedule future appointments online through MYCHART. 

If I'm sick how do I get the Student Health Service? Can I park in the lot?

Both the Purple (U3 - Tollgate Loop) and the Red (U2 - Park & Ride) BCRTA bus lines stop near our door. The Campus Ave. parking garage is available next door to the Health Services and parking will be validated for 90 minutes. Street parking is also available.

What do I need to bring with me?

You will need to bring your Miami student identification card and insurance card. This is necessary to verify eligibility for service and insure proper billing.

Can students utilize the Student Health Service even if they do not purchase the student health insurance?

Yes. All students are required to have insurance (see Student Insurance) and the University offers a policy for those who would like to purchase it. However, the services of the SHS are available to all students registered for classes.

Will my own insurance cover visits to the Student Health Service? 

Maybe. If you do not use the student health insurance, you should call your insurance company to verify that Miami University with Tri-Health is a covered provider.

Is there a difference in service provided for students who have the student health insurance versus students who do not?

No. The care provided for eligible students is the same regardless of their insurance coverage.

Will the student health insurance cover charges at the SHS?

Yes. The student health insurance will cover routine charges for services at the SHS– the standard medical care provided for illness or injury after the deductible is met. There is some coverage for wellness services.

Is there a pharmacy on campus?

No. Students are encouraged to use any of the local pharmacies located just off campus in Oxford. A list is below.

  • CVS: 123 W Spring St., 513-523-6378
  • Walgreens: 200 S Locust St., 513-523-4683
  • Kroger: 300 S Locust St., 513-523-7323
  • Walmart: 5720 College Corner Pike, 513-524-3744

What if I take allergy shots, or need the service of a medical specialist not available at the Student Health Service?

For services we are unable to provide, we make referrals to the appropriate specialist.

Can my parents get a copy of my SHS charges?

If you are over 18 years, we must have your written permission to release any of your medical records. See Medical Records.

Can my home physician call in a prescription?


If I am treated at the SHS will my parents be notified?

If the situation is serious and you are in the company of the clinician, you can give verbal permission for your parents to be contacted. Otherwise, the visits are part of your medical record and remain confidential. The same applies to conversations with the clinician about your treatment –- your permission is required for such information to be released.

Where do I go when the Health Center is closed and I need medical treatment?

Visit McCullough-Hyde Hospital or Ross Urgent Care.