Is your student organization or class interested in a workshop about service or civic engagement?

That's what we are here for. Our staff and student leaders have facilitated a lot of workshops over the years and we are excited to share them with you. We have a library of 15+ workshops that can be tailored to meet your needs, interests, and audience.

Under each section below, you can read more about each workshop and how we categorize them so you can find the best fit for your group. Ready to request a workshop? Just submit the form below!

Workshops for Student Organizations

Getting your Organization Involved with the Community 

Volunteering. Long-term service. Alternative Breaks. Philanthropy. There are so many ways for your organization to connect with the local community.  Come discuss the ways your organization can make an impact. Workshops can be tailored to your specific organization.

Identifying Service

This workshop is an excellent resource for student organizations (particularly Greek chapters) who want to know, “what is service vs. philanthropy?” Facilitators will guide your organization through an activity using real-world examples collected from the Hub and ComMUnity Connect to determine the strengths of both service and philanthropy, and how the two can work together to build a stronger community!

Leadership & Social Change: Making an impact

This workshop helps student organizations develop leadership skills by providing real time models and practices to organizations. In this workshop, students identify their common purposes as an organization and develop an action plan using the Social Change Model of Leadership.

Voter Registration and Census Education

Are you and your student organization interested in civic engagement? If you're looking for information about holding a voter registration drive or want to learn more about the 2020 Census, this workshop is for you! A member of RedHawks Count, our peer educators, will come to your organization and explain the ins and outs of voter registration and general information about the census!  

Student Leadership Challenge

Based on the popular Student Leadership Challenge, this workshop will walk your student organization through leadership lessons - your organization will come out with a better idea of how to work together towards your goals!

Developing Service-Based Reflection 

Are you a student leader? Maybe you're the service chair of your organization and you're thinking about how you can do more! If your organization focuses on service, we can help! This workshop will help your organization reflect on the service they do and will help your members work with communities to deepen your impact. We can help you prepare outcomes, reflection materials and questions.

Workshops for Everyone

How Do You Define Service?

Community engagement and service are defined differently from institution to institution, but some common components apply across the board. This workshop engages you in an exploration of service from different vantage points and can help facilitate the development of a shared definition of service.

Strengths Workshop

Clifton Strengths workshops enable individuals and organizations to identify their most dominant talents and learn to leverage them on a daily basis.  Using Strengths daily increases engagement, productivity and happiness. Learn to live the “life well lived” through an exploration of your Clifton Strengths. Groups of 8 or more can request a workshop while individuals can contact the Wilks office for info on how to get linked up with a group or individual coaching.

Strategic Planning & YOU!

Using Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle philosophy, this workshop will help student organizations develop their mission statement. By answering why, how and what, student organizations clarify their mission, values and create an action plan. 

Workshops for Community Members

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Workshops for Miami Faculty & Staff

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