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Common Contracting Issues

The University enters into many agreements each and every year. These agreements cover a wide array of topics including the construction of buildings on campus, the purchasing of all the goods and services needed to run the University, the licensing of software, the creation of student internship programs, etc.

For answers to many general contracting questions and background regarding the nature of contracts, please refer to the University's Rules for Contracting .

Remember that employees of the University are subject to statutory prohibitions against selling goods or services to the University, having an unlawful interest in a public contract, and soliciting or receiving improper consideration in the performance of the employee’s duties (e.g., receiving payment from an outside vendor). There may be serious consequences for violating these laws, including criminal charges. For more information, please refer to Section 3.12 of the University's Policy and Information Manual.

The University has well-established procedures for many routine contracting matters, including the following:

For non-grant or sponsored research academic agreements (e.g., affiliation agreements, international workshop agreements), your initial inquiry should be to your department head or dean in order to ensure departmental approval for the project as well as funding.

Commonly Used Contract Forms

The University utilizes certain forms routinely. Below are some of the most common forms: