Information for Graduate Assistants

For questions concerning any payroll issues about an assistantship contact Betsey Dietrich at (513) 529-6649 or at

New Appointment

1. Accept your offer

Complete and submit your acceptance form. Log in with your Miami UniqueID and password.

Failure to complete this form in a timely manner impedes your ability to complete the rest of the steps.

2. Complete the I-9 Form

Complete an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form on or before the first day of employment.

  • Check the list of acceptable documents and bring them with you to Academic Personnel Services, 1 Roudebush Hall.
  • Only original documents are acceptable. Documents cannot be expired.

3. Obtain a Miami University ID card

Visit the HOME Office to obtain a Miami University ID card. You must present a photo ID to confirm identification.

4. Attend Orientation

Attend required orientation session in August. You will complete essential payroll documentation at this orientation session.

5. Register for Classes

One Stop provides detailed directions for course registration.

Parking Permits

Obtain a parking permit (if needed) from Parking Services, 15 Campus Avenue Building (513) 529-8535. In order to secure a parking hangtag, you must show your driver's license, a valid vehicle registration, and proof of insurance.


Clear bursar fees in early August to avoid any late fees. Visit or contact Miami's One Stop center for essential information concerning registration, enrollment, financial aid, student records, billing, and payment.


Letters of offer for reappointments of assistantships are sent to your Miami University email account for acceptance. To accept your offer, complete and submit the form via the link provided in the email or access the acceptance of assistantship form directly. Log in with your Miami UniqueID and password.

Note: If your direct deposit information has changed, update your payroll records online. For assistance, contact Payroll Services at 513-529-6223.

Tuition Waiver

Full-time Graduate Assistants who have accepted their assistantship from Academic Personnel are eligible for a waiver of up to 100% of the instructional fee, 50% of the basic general fee and up to 100% of the non-resident surcharge, if applicable. Graduate Assistants are responsible for all other fees. Visit the One Stop for additional information »


The I-9 form and direct deposit forms must be completed and submitted in order for you to be paid.

  • International [or non US Citizens] are required to complete additional forms in Payroll Services prior to first payroll.

Graduate award stipends are paid on a monthly basis and checks are normally issued on the last working day of the month. Pay dates for the current academic year »

Resignation or Withdrawal

If you should resign your position or withdraw from the university at any time during the academic year, you must notify Academic Personnel Services immediately. This is necessary so that the appropriate adjustments can be made to your paycheck before the direct deposit date. Should you fail to notify Academic Personnel Services office in a timely manner, you will be required to refund to the University any overpayment of stipend, based on the date of resignation (if applicable).

Summer Scholarship

Graduate Summer Scholarships are service-free awards given to graduate award holders in the summer following their graduate appointments. If students receive a Graduate Summer Scholarship, they may be employed for up to 20 hours a week during the summer semester, provided that they have permission from their department chair and the Graduate School. For more information contact the Graduate School at (513) 529-3734.


To be eligible for a Graduate Summer Scholarship, students must have held a graduate assistantship for at least one full semester. Students must also have completed at least 9 graduate credit hours each semester of the appointment OR have served as a graduate assistant or dissertation scholar for at least one full semester and completed 9-15 graduate credit hours each semester of the appointment.

To be eligible for a Graduate Summer Scholarship, students must also have fulfilled the following academic requirements:

  • Made satisfactory progress toward the graduate degree.
  • Be certified as engaged in full-time graduate study by the student’s department.

Courses taken for P and S grades count toward eligibility for the summer scholarship; they are not, however, computed in students' grade point averages. Students who receive F, U, or Y in such courses will not receive credit towards the summer scholarship.


Eligible students will receive $1,800 for engaging in full time study as defined by their home department. Students must be registered for at least one credit hour at the beginning of the first summer term in May in order to receive the payment. The maximum scholarship payment is $1,800 during summer, and there is no partial payment of the summer scholarship. Students with one-semester appointments are eligible for the Graduate Summer Scholarship for only one scholarship payment of $900. If students have used all or part of their summer fee waiver in the summer preceding the year of the appointment, they cannot receive additional fee waivers during the following summer term.

Summer Scholarships will be paid on or before June 30.

Departments are responsible for defining what full time summer study entails for each degree program. Full time summer study may range from 3 to 12 credit hours for the entire summer and must require student engagement in degree requirements for at least 10 weeks of the summer, or 5 weeks for a single scholarship payment.