Salary and Benefits

What will my salary be for the one semester under the Retirement with Rehiring Program?

The retired faculty member's salary during each year of the Program shall be three percent (3%) of the person's pre-retirement salary per credit hour.

Can I spread this salary over the academic year, or over twelve (12) months?

No. Payment for fall-semester teaching will be on the regular payday (last working day of the month) in September, October, November and December. Payment for spring- semester teaching will be on the regular payday in February, March, April and May.

Can I direct this salary to a pre-tax savings plan such as a 403(b) plan?

Yes, contact Employee Benefits & Wellness to make arrangements.

Can I be paid for any other work while participating in the Rehire Program? How about income from a grant or from summer teaching or a workshop or Summer Orientation?

No. Reemployed faculty are not eligible for any additional University employment for overload teaching, administrative assignment, workshops, or any other service.

What's my status with Miami University while participating in the Retirement with Rehiring Program?

You are a "rehired retiree." You are considered part-time faculty; your tenure ends with retirement with STRS/ARP. You are not benefit-eligible.

When I "come back" for my first semester of teaching, are there forms to fill out?

Yes; prior to the start of teaching in the rehire program, you will need to go to Academic Personnel Services to complete two forms: Re-employed Retiree Notification (STRS) and Employment Eligibility Verification (federal form I-9). You will be reminded by email and told what documentation to bring with you. You may also want to check the withholding or deductions you had set up for your pre-retirement earnings, unless changed by you, they will still apply to your rehire earnings.

Can I still park on campus?

While participating in this program, continue to renew your red hang tag in the usual way. Respond to the notice sent for renewing parking passes. If you do this, you will be able to park year-round. It is not advisable to notify Parking Services that you are teaching only one semester. However, if you are only in town for one semester and you want to pay only a one-semester fee, you can request that from Parking Services. You will probably need an employment verification slip, available from Academic Personnel.

What about my Miami ID and Library privileges?

Keep your current Miami ID; it should continue to carry your privileges. Academic Personnel leaves you "active" in the Banner system for the period of your participation in the Retirement with Rehiring Program.

Can I continue to purchase items on campus using payroll deduction?

During the semester you are teaching and receiving salary payments, these charges will be automatically deducted from your payroll. During the semester with no salary payments, these charges will go on your Bursar bill. You will receive an email indicating that you have a balance on your Bursar bill that should be paid; you might receive an invoice via US mail.

Will my Miami email account continue?


I've heard that I'm not allowed on campus for sixty (60) days after I retire. What's that about?

If you retire through STRS, current state law indicates that in order to receive your pension payment you cannot return to work for sixty (60) days after the last day of the month for which you were paid. This means that you are not supposed to engage in activities that are similar to your prior work activities for sixty (60) days. You can discuss this with your STRS counselor. This does not preclude you from visiting campus.

What happens to the STRS retirement deduction that is withheld from my checks during the Retirement with Rehiring Program?

The payments go into the Money Purchase Annuity Program and accumulate during the period of reemployment. You can apply to have this deduction returned to you at the end of the reemployment period. The returned amount is equal to your deductions (currently 13%), plus 5% employer contribution (if you are over 65 years of age) and interest. See State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS)

How do I put this returned payment into an annuity?

The application form to receive this lump-sum payment, available from the State Teachers Retirement System of Ohio (STRS), provides instructions for a direct rollover.