Academic Policy Committee

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The functions of the Academic Policy Committee are to advise the Provost and make recommendations to the academic deans, University Senate or other University Senate committees on educational policies found in: the Policy Library related to curriculum and research such as but not limited to: course registration, course repeat, re-enrollment, transfer credit, examinations, grading system, academic integrity, attendance, classification of students, degree honors and graduation requirements; and wording in the General Bulletin that relates to the policies under consideration. The Committee is responsible for reviewing revisions of policies in the areas listed above, reviewing proposals for new or revised policies from others, and can also propose policies. It reports regularly to Senate; and consults with and advises the Provost about all matters of academic policy affecting the University. 


Six (6) faculty members, one from each academic division and at least one of whom shall be a member of University Senate and serve as liaison and one of whom shall be a current or former department chair.

One (1) academic dean, associate dean, or assistant dean with expertise in academic policy of one college or school appointed on a rotating basis.

University Registrar or designee

One (1) unclassified staff member.

One (1) professional academic advisor

Three (3) undergraduate students with two being representatives of Associated Student Government and one being a student representative from the Regional Campuses. The Regional Campus Representative (RCR) will be a regional campus student selected by regional campus student government. In the event regional campus student government is unable to select the RCR then the RCR will be selected by the office of the regional campus dean.

One (1) graduate student selected by the Graduate Student Association (GSA). In the event GSA is unable to select then the office of the dean of the graduate school will select the graduate student representative.

One (1) ex officio, non-voting members

  • One (1) representative from the Office of Academic Affairs


Chair, Eric Marinich, (ACC), FSB,

Senate Liaison: Tamise Ironstrack (SPN). CAS,

Faculty and Staff

Term ends August 2022

Marianne Cotugno, (LLW), CLAAS,

Tammy Kernodle, (MUS), CCA,

Term ends August 2023

Tamise Ironstrack (SPN). CAS,

Eric Marinich, (ACC), FSB,

Term ends August 2024

Durell Callier, (EDL), EHS,

Mandy Euen, Office of the University Registrar,

Jim Kiper, (CSE), CEC,

Ted Peters, (CAS Advising),

Undergraduate Students

Ruku Pal (ASG),

Becca Pallant (ASG),


Graduate Student


Ex officio/nonvoting

Carolyn Haynes, Provost Office,

For more information on what Academic Policy Committee does and how to propose an academic policy, see below:

Proposing New Academic Policies