Liberal Education Council

 Faculty attending a workshop in the Humanities Center
 Students in Aimin Wang's statistics class
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 Rod Northcutt at a sculpture exhibit


Actions of the Liberal Education Council which require the approval of University Senate, such as changes in policy, shall be reported to the Senate Executive Committee, which shall place them on the agenda of University Senate. All actions of the Liberal Education Council shall be recorded in its minutes, which shall be distributed to all members of University Senate, who may raise questions about any of these actions at the meeting of University Senate that follows the distribution of the minutes. Except for any action University Senate refers again to the Liberal Education Council, the actions which do not require explicit approval by University Senate shall be considered passed upon the adjournment of the first University Senate meeting after the distribution of the Liberal Education Council's minutes.

The authority to approve the inclusion of courses in the University Liberal Education curriculum shall reside in the Liberal Education Council. Courses submitted for such approval shall already have been approved by all other appropriate academic units.


  • Eleven (11) faculty members:
    • One (1) faculty member of University Senate from any academic discipline and serving as Senate Liaison.
    • Three (3) from the College of Arts and Science, one each from the areas of the humanities, natural sciences and mathematics/statistics, and social sciences.
    • One (1) from the College of Education, Health, and Society.
    • One (1) from the Farmer School of Business.
    • One (1) from the College of Engineering and Computing.
    • One (1) from the College of Creative Arts.
    • One (1) from the College of Liberal Arts and Applied Science.
    • Two (2) faculty at-large nominated in consultation with the chair of the University Liberal Education Council.
At least one faculty member shall represent an interdisciplinary unit.
  • One (1) representative from the University libraries.
  • One (1) unclassified staff member from the Division of Student Affairs.
  • Three undergraduate students nominated by Associated Student Government.
  • One (1) graduate student
  • Two (2) ex officio nonvoting member
  • The University Director of Liberal Education shall serve as the Chair of the Liberal Education Council.
  • A representative from the Office of the University Registrar
  • Additional ex officio members may be named to nonvoting seats on the Liberal Education Council at the discretion of the Council, with the approval of University Senate.

The Council shall form appropriate subcommittees as necessary. Nominations shall be made in consultation with the Director of Liberal Education. Nominees must be able to serve at the regularly scheduled meeting time established for the following year.


Faculty and Staff

Term ends August 2021

Term ends August 2022

Term ends August 2023

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Student

Ex officio non-voting members

Additional ex officio nonvoting members – at request of Council