The Honors College enhances Miami University’s commitment to undergraduate student success by creating the conditions for meaningful, reflective learning. The Honors College is committed to graduating students who are leaders prepared to excel in their fields, confident in exercising critical and independent thought, and who have a proactive sense of responsibility to our global world. Honors students are encouraged to imagine and develop their own paths, while choosing challenging educational experiences inside and outside the classroom. Students in the Honors College individually tailor their experiences to meet the program requirements by aligning experiences with their interests and goals.

Program Requirements

The Honors College requires students to complete eight (8) Honors experience over the course of their undergraduate studies. Honors experiences are rigorous academic experiences and active learning opportunities in which students engage in thoughtful planning and reflection to connect their experiences to their academic, personal, and professional goals. 

Honors College students will produce an Honors Senior Project that meets the quality of publishable or professional work as their final Honors experiences. This requirement will be earned through the completion of a large-scale research project, creative project or an intensive pre-professional experience. Students will be directly mentored by Miami faculty, with the support of their Honors Advisor, to complete this requirement. Examples of previous projects can be found on the Research page.

All students must maintain a 3.25 cumulative GPA in order to remain a participant in Good Standing in the Honors College. The Honors College reserves the right to make accommodations for any student whose GPA might fall below this threshold, but whose overall record projects successful completion of their Honors College requirements. 

Eight (8) Honors Experiences 

Honors students are required to complete eight (8) Honors experiences over the course of their undergraduate studies. During their first year, students will take two (2) Honors courses, which fulfill areas of the Global Miami Plan and/or major requirements. Next, students will complete four (4) Honors experiences by enrolling in additional Honors courses or proposing experiential learning activities to count as Honors experiences, to be determined in conversation between the student and their Honors advisor. To earn these four (4) Honors experiences, students could complete any of the following:

  • Additional Honors courses (these small classes are often capped at 25 or fewer students that allow for a more rigorous or unique approach to the course content)
  • Campus Engagement or Leadership Positions
  • Course Extensions (students develop additional coursework in regularly offered Miami courses to further explore that course's content, with faculty mentorship) 
  • Pre-Professional Experiences (e.g. internships, co-ops, Miami pre-professional study away programs)
  • Significant Community Service Work at one Volunteer Site/Agency
  • Study Abroad during any Miami term
  • Teaching Experiences (e.g. coaching, mentoring, tutoring, UA, TA, or SI roles)
  • Undergraduate Research (any faculty-mentored research in which students engage) 

The last two (2) Honors experiences support the Honors Senior Project that Honors College students will complete in their final year. This Although most students will complete a senior project or thesis in the context of a capstone, laboratory, senior design studio, student teaching, or other culminating course in the major, some Honors students may elect to complete their senior project or thesis by working closely with a faculty mentor via an independent study course. 

Timeline for Completing Experiences

First Year (Honors Experiences 1-2):

  • Fall Semester Honors Course.
  • Spring Semester Honors Course.

Second-Third Years (Honors Experiences 3-6):

  • Complete four (4) Honors experiences, which can be a combination of Honors courses or course extensions and experiential learning (internships, study abroad, research, teaching, service, etc.).
  • By the end of the third year, all Honors students will need to declare their intention to complete the Honors Senior Project requirement, or opt out.

Fourth Year (Honors Experiences 7-8):

  • Students enroll in two (2) Senior Project completion related courses (e.g., a thesis prep course and a thesis writing course).