First Week

While the first few days on campus can be stressful, you'll be too busy to worry. New students spend time getting familiar with campus, preparing for classes, adjusting to community living, and socializing. Below are a few tips to help you prepare for a busy first week.

First day of classes

As time nears for the first day of classes, it's helpful to become familiar with the campus and find out where your classes are located. Our campus map can help you find buildings, and the maps located in each building will show you the location of rooms.

Classroom changes can happen at the last minute, so be sure to check your schedule online to check for up-to-date classroom locations before heading to class the first week.

Books and supplies

The Miami University Bookstore makes it easy to purchase your books online (with no shipping fees). We'll have them ready for you to pick up at the store.

If you are purchasing a new computer, Miami recommends purchasing a laptop through the Miami Notebook program. In addition to excellent pricing available for laptops, the Bookstore provides educational pricing and/or special contract pricing for peripherals and software.

Extracurricular activities

At the beginning of the school year, transfer students must become accustomed to a new routine. But there is always a chance to take a break from coursework and get involved in extracurricular activities.

The best way to discover opportunities available at Miami is to attend the following informational and recruitment meetings of campus organizations:

  • Mega Fair
    During the first few weeks of the semester, the trees, bulletin boards, tables, and sidewalks of Miami will be covered with invitations and advertisements from student organizations. Miami has more than 475 of them, so more than likely, you'll find a group you're interested in. If not, you can start your own! If you're looking for one group in particular, check out the list of student organizations currently recognized by the university.
  • The Volunteer Fair
    The annual Volunteer Fair, sponsored by Miami's Office of Community Engagement & Service, hosts on-campus and local non-profit organizations so students can learn more about service opportunities. Representatives from groups like the FreeStore Food Bank, Habitat for Humanity, and Butler County Head Start visit campus to explain the goals of their organizations and inspire students to volunteer.