University Studies

The University Studies program in the College of Arts and Science is designed to introduce you to the broadest range of academic areas offered by Miami University.

Students are admitted to University Studies for a variety of reasons:

  • You have multiple interests and are seeking ways to combine them.
  • You are interested in a specific career but are uncertain about which major(s) may best prepare you for that future.
  • You have a preferred major in mind and will use your first year in a purposeful manner to establish your academic potential to gain admission into that major.
  • You applied for admission to either the Farmer School of Business or College of Creative Arts but were not accepted through the direct admission policy.

The support and guidance you receive from specially trained faculty and professional academic advisers in the College of Arts and Science, as well as from career specialists, will help you determine a path that is right for you. At Summer Orientation, you will begin to work with your University Studies adviser to build a strong academic plan; this advising partnership will continue throughout your semesters in the University Studies program and beyond.

Importantly, courses you complete in University Studies will help you explore majors and potential career opportunities while satisfying graduation requirements. Once you have determined the field of study that fits your educational and career goals, you may declare a major in any part of the university, including:

College of Arts and Science

College of Creative Arts*

College of Education, Health and Society

College of Engineering and Computing

Farmer School of Business*

* Admission into the College of Creative Arts, with the exception of art and architecture history and interactive media studies; or the Farmer School of Business will also depend on meeting stated eligibility criteria.

Miami University
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University Studies Advising Office
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