Farmer School of Business

Direct admission for first-year students

Incoming first-year students wishing to major in business can apply for direct admission into the Farmer School of Business (FSB). No separate application is required, but students must indicate a major within the Farmer School of Business on the admission application or change their intended major before their application deadline.

Admission to FSB is competitive, yet based on a holistic and comprehensive review process which considers many factors to establish the context of a student's achievements and demonstrated potential to be successful in its rigorous curriculum.

The middle 50% of students gaining direct admission into FSB typically have an academic profile as outlined below.

ACT Composite Score*: 25-30
GPA (on a 4.00 scale):

*66.4% of FSB admits submitted a test score.

Current student admission requirements

Current Miami University students who were not offered direct admission or who did not apply to FSB may seek admission through a non-competitive process by completing the following admission requirements: 

  • 30 graded credit hours at Miami University
  • 3.50 GPA in Miami Plan Foundation and business courses at Miami University
  • Completion of ECO 201 and MTH 141 or MTH 151 (or equivalent AP, post-secondary, or transfer courses)

Students must apply to FSB during specified application periods at the end of fall, spring, and summer terms. Students may apply to FSB following the winter term, but will not have the opportunity to enroll in business courses upon admission for the following spring semester. Additional information can be found on FSB's admission website

Transfer admission

To be admitted into FSB, a transfer student must have earned at least 30 graded credit hours that apply toward the Bachelor of Science in Business degree. Typically, transfer students have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher in all graded credit hours earned and have completed ECO 201 and MTH 141 or MTH 151 (or equivalent course credit including AP, post-secondary, or transfer credits). Questions regarding the transfer process can be directed to the FSB Student Services Office at 513-529-1712.