What is the SRAR? 

The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is a tool that allows applicants to self-report their courses, grades, senior schedule, test scores (if applicable), and other academic information. It replaces the high school transcript during the admission review process.

Who must complete the SRAR and where is it located?

All first-year domestic students currently enrolled in high school are required to complete a SRAR and will gain access to their Miami SRAR link via their Applicant Status Page within 24 hours of submitting of the Common Application. An admission application will not be complete without a submitted SRAR.

What items are needed to complete the SRAR?

You should have an unofficial copy of your high school transcript to use as a reference while you create your SRAR. All courses and grades must be entered exactly as listed on the transcript. Do not do this from memory. If you choose to self-report test scores, you should also have a copy of your test score report(s) to use as a reference. 

What is the benefit of submitting a SRAR?

This self-reporting online tool allows applicants to avoid additional barriers or extra costs associated with adding these required materials to their application. After submitting the SRAR, the data is automatically sent to Miami for use by the Admission Committee in the review process.

How is the SRAR validated?

Accepted students who confirm their enrollment must provide an official, final transcript with proof of high school graduation. Students who provided test scores for admission or scholarship consideration must provide official scores (must come from the testing agency). Miami reserves the right to rescind admission, scholarships, and financial aid for any student whose final transcripts and/or test scores do not match their SRAR.

What if I am unable to submit the SRAR? 

Contact the Office of Admission at or 513-529-2531.