Spring Admit Program Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Spring Admit Program?

The Spring Admit Program is designed for students who have demonstrated the ability, independence, and intellectual curiosity to be successful in this unique opportunity. Spring Admits are afforded the opportunity to take a gap semester between high school and their Miami University collegiate career to pursue meaningful intellectual, civic, or social experiences – including taking classes at a local community college or regional institution – prior to arriving in Oxford in late January.

Why was I selected as a Spring Admit?

Miami has been fortunate to receive a large number of qualified applications for fall first-year admission. This number far exceeds the number of spots we have available for fall admission. Each spring, additional space becomes available in university housing as students graduate and study abroad. As our admission staff reviewed thousands of applications, we carefully selected students to be Spring Admits who we believe will engage, thrive, and contribute to our campus community.

How many students will be in the Spring Admit Program?

We anticipate the Spring Admit Program cohort will have 40 to 50 students.

How does the Spring Admit Program differ from the fall wait list?

Students offered the Spring Admit Program and who have secured their enrollment are eligible to attend Miami University beginning Spring Semester 2019 (contingent upon satisfying enrollment requirements). Spring Admits are members of the incoming spring class. Students placed on the fall wait list have not been admitted to Miami University.

How do I meet the eligibility requirements for the Spring Admit Program?

Students selected for this program are admitted to the University for Spring 2018 on a provisional basis. Enrollment is contingent upon successful completion and verification of the following items:

Final High School Transcript and Proof of Graduation

Your acceptance to Miami is conditional upon your graduation and the submission of your final high school transcript. It is understood that you must maintain a high level of academic achievement and personal conduct during your senior year. If your final transcript shows that you did not perform to a high academic level during your senior year or if you are suspended, dismissed, or placed on probation by your school prior to your attendance, Miami reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission.

Recertification of Disciplinary Standing and Personal Conduct

Prior to your attendance, you will be required to submit a form recertifying your answers to the "Common Application Discipline & School Interruption" questions. If you are suspended, dismissed, or placed on probation by your school or if you are convicted of a criminal offense other than a minor traffic incident or such charges are pending against you prior to your attendance, Miami reserves the right to withdraw the offer of admission.

Transcript of all College-Level Coursework

As a Spring Admit, you have the option to take college-level coursework prior to your Spring 2019 enrollment at Miami University. A final transcript of all college-level coursework taken must be submitted prior to the start of classes at Miami. Your final transcript must indicate that you remain in good standing in all respects with a minimum 2.0 cumulative grade point average. If you are unable to submit your final transcript prior to the start of the spring semester, you must contact the Office of Admission with verification of satisfactory academic progress. Upon receipt of the transcript or verification, if we find you do not meet these provisions, your acceptance may be canceled.

As a Spring Admit, can I also secure a place on the fall wait list?

Yes, as a Spring Admit, you will be given the opportunity to secure a place on our fall wait list. Your status as a Spring Admit will not impact your chances of being offered fall admission from our wait list. If you are selected from the fall wait list, your Spring Admit enrollment fee will be applied to the fall semester. For more information about the fall wait list, please visit MiamiOH.edu/waitlist.

If I applied for Early Decision and have been offered a spot in the Spring Admit Program, do I have to enroll at Miami University?

No, Early Decision applicants who are offered a spot as a Spring Admit are no longer bound to the conditions of the Early Decision agreement.

What are the benefits of the Spring Admit Program?

As a Spring Admit, you have numerous opportunities for personal growth during the fall semester. You will enter Miami University as part of an exclusive cohort of students. You will have an assigned academic advisor, a dedicated student success coach, and guaranteed university housing.

As a Spring Admit, how do I make the most of my time prior to spring semester?

The Spring Admit Program allows students to maximize this time in a way that best meets their personal, educational, and professional goals. Miami does not endorse or direct students to any particular opportunities. Examples include: enrolling at a local community college or regional institution, working in order to gain professional experience, participating in travel or study abroad programs, securing an internship, or volunteering in community service and engagement projects.

Does my gap semester experience need to be approved by Miami?

Miami will ultimately gather information regarding your gap semester experience(s). However, formal approval of your gap semester experience(s) is not required prior to your attendance. Students planning to take classes or earn credit at another institution will be asked to submit a plan of study to Miami in August. Communication, along with other pertinent Spring Admit Program information, will be provided in mid-September.

When will Spring Admits graduate?

As a Spring Admit, you will work closely with your student success coach and academic advisor to identify your needs, goals, and best options for graduation. With careful planning and optimization of Miami’s Winter and Summer Terms, it is possible to graduate with the fall cohort in May of 2022.

Do Spring Admits live on campus?

Yes, Spring Admits are guaranteed university housing. You will need to submit the Residence Hall and Meal Plan Contract during the fall to secure university housing. Visit the Housing and Meal Plan website for more information.

Is there an orientation program for Spring Admits?

January Orientation for first-year students and their families is a one-and-a-half day program that helps new students learn about academic and co-curricular life at Miami, meet other Spring Admits, and learn about campus resources. For more information visit the January Orientation website. Registration information will be sent late fall.

Can a Spring Admit participate in athletics?

Miami is an incredibly active campus with 18 Division I athletic teams, 50 club sports, and a multitude of intramural activities. Spring Admits are encouraged to follow their athletic passions once they arrive on campus.

Can a Spring Admit participate in Greek life?

Because of the importance of a successful transition from high school to college, Miami requires all students to have earned at least 12 credit hours and at least a 2.5 GPA prior to recruiting for Greek life. As such, Spring Admits who have not yet met those thresholds will not be permitted to recruit in Spring 2019. Some fraternities and sororities may conduct informal recruiting in Fall 2019 for interested students, and of course Spring Admits may choose to recruit in Spring 2020, provided they meet the academic thresholds. Additionally, Spring Admits may choose to apply any Fall 2018 college credits that they may earn (such as community college credit) toward meeting the academic thresholds for Spring 2019 recruitment.

Will I be considered for financial aid if I enroll in the Spring Admit Program?

Yes, if you have submitted the Federal Application for Student Aid (FAFSA) by the February 15, 2019 deadline, you will be considered for need-based financial aid.

When will I register for classes?

Registration for students in the Spring Admit Program will take place during January Orientation. At that time, Spring Admits will receive academic advising and register for spring semester classes.

What if I want to take classes during the fall prior to my spring admission?

We encourage you to get a jump on your Miami collegiate career. You have the option to take college-level coursework prior to your Spring 2019 enrollment at Miami University. Students who choose to take courses are strongly encouraged to consult Transferology.com or email transfercrediteval@MiamiOH.edu to ensure the courses completed will transfer to Miami. A minimum college GPA of 2.0 or higher is required to maintain your Spring Admit status.

If you have additional questions, please contact the Office of Admission at 513-529-2531 or springadmit@MiamiOH.edu.