What to Bring

Students walking on campus with the Sundial and MacCracken Hall in the background

Double-check that you have packed the essentials!

  • Face coverings (optional inside of buildings)
  • Comforter/blanket, pillows, towels
  • Toiletries, shower shoes, shower caddy
  • Laundry supplies: detergent, basket, etc.
  • Alarm clock/watch
  • Clothing
    • Everyday wear
    • Leisure, athletic
    • Long pants/long sleeve shirt to play Broomball in our ice arena
    • Close-toed shoes
  • Clothes hangers
  • Electronic accessories (chargers, etc.)
  • Classroom supplies (notebooks, pens, folders, etc.)
  • Laptop — useful but not required
  • Leisure reading materials
  • Optional sporting equipment