Vietnam Study Abroad


Over 492 students from Vietnam have been admitted to Miami University over the last three years. When on campus, students have studied in a variety of academic programs within all of the divisions. 

Academic College Top Majors
Farmer School of Business Finance, Marketing
College of Engineering and Computing Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering
College of Arts and Sciences Biochemistry, Psychology
College of Creative Arts Architecture, Communication Design
College of Education, Health, and Society Education Studies, Mathematics Education


Students have also found community in Oxford, Ohio. The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is one of several hundred organizations at Miami. Their goal is to help Vietnamese students to adapt to the new environment and create friendships with other students on campus. They also hope to create an opportunity for students to discuss and raise awareness of Vietnamese history, culture, and current issues. Contact the VSA Adviser, Nam Vu, for more information at

Vietabroader is a non-profit based organization that provides students from Vietnam access to US education opportunities. The organization is run successfully by students, and it takes place every year in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Current Miami students from Vietnam participate every year to tell their story and experiences in Oxford to future Redhawks from Vietnam. It is one of the many ways that students from Vietnam volunteer and give back to their community. 

108 students from Vietnam attended Miami University's Oxford campus in 2019-2020

Meet Our Vietnam Admissions Counselor

Mindy Yiu

Mindy Yiu 

Where in the World is Miami Wednesday: Meet an International Student from Vietnam

Julia Tran

Meet Our Faculty, Current Students, and Alumni

Linh Giang
Linh '23
Hanoi, Vietnam

As one of 14 in the inaugural Presidential Fellows Program cohort, Linh hails from one of Vietnam's most prestigious high schools. Her reason for studying psychology is so that she can "foster a better understanding between individuals - in particular, among the less fortunate members of society." She has spent time tutoring children in poor villages and persuading their parents that education can be a way out of farming for their children. Linh is also very involved in many leadership roles, particularly being one of the co-founders for a group called Gender Equity and Female Empowerment, which raises awareness of gender equality and preventing domestic and sexual abuse.

Chi Le
Chi '17
BS, Marketing
Hanoi, Vietnam

"I'm a big believer in exploring and trying out any opportunities that arise. My digital marketing path was started with an internship at BBDO Cincinnati. Using the knowledge I've learned there, I got the growth marketing and analytics internship at a hardware startup, Prynt as part of a semester-long San Francisco Digital Innovation Program with Interactive Media Studies department. Between then and my current job at Bamboo, I explored different roles in marketing at various types and sizes of companies."
Dr. Nam Vu
Dr. Nam Vu
Assistant Professor

"I think Miami students are intellectually curious and hard-working. What makes Miami students stand out, I think, is the friendly attitude and openness that sometimes can be difficult to come by in a (very) competitive academic setting."