Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make sure that enough food is prepared for each meal?

Food is replenished regularly during operating hours of each dining location, and we continue to ensure that food is replenished even for someone who arrives just before we close. Every effort is made to have fresh food, and minimize waste while avoiding gaps in service for food preparation. Each day our managers review production and demand levels to make sure we are accurately forecasting and preparing all of our menu items. During peak times at buffet locations, you might find us in the middle of refilling a particular item, but this should never take more than a few moments.

Where do the Miami recipes come from?

Our Corporate Chef works directly with a team of Executive Chefs to develop all Miami menus, recipes, and concepts. Once the menus are set for the semester we typically do not change them unless we run into opportunities with supply or we find that the item is not successful. Menus are on a four-week rotation. Feel free to email us at to share your favorite home recipe you'd like to see on campus!

What are my Vegan/Vegetarian options?

We have many options on campus, and continue to add more regularly! In addition to a variety of menu items across our dining locations, we have a vegan item paired with our entree item of the meal in each Commons location. There are also vegan dishes available upon request at all commons locations-ask a dining Commons manager for more details!

Can you help me find food that works with my dietary restrictions?

Absolutely! Please start by viewing our Dining Accommodations pages. There you will learn about our policies and our procedure for processing dining accommodation requests. We also encourage you to contact Joanna Saba, our Registered Dietitian, to discuss how we can provide for your needs on campus.

Where can I find what is being served and what my options are?

NetNutrition offers the ability to look at menus of locations that are open 4 days in advance.

Is nutritional information available?

Yes. Detailed nutritional information about the day’s menu choices is always available on our website. Using NetNutrition you can calculate the nutritional information of all the items you enter from the menu.

Are there jobs available in dining locations?

Yes. The dining locations are an excellent place of employment for students. Competitive wages, flexible hours, and the opportunity for individual growth and development while working a team environment are a few of the perks. Locations are convenient for classes and work schedules are individually created around class and study time. Apply online today!

What do I do if I have a suggestion or concern?

We want to hear from you! We welcome your input and encourage you to use our online Feedback Page. Managers are also available in all locations to answer questions. Additionally, we have formed a Student Dining Committee, consisting of Dining Administration, representatives from the Associated Student Government and Residence Hall Association, as well as additional students. This group meets regularly during each semester to discuss dining and meal plans on campus.

For more information about Dining, visit our Dining blog or contact us at