Western Dining Commons

Inside western dining with eat locally sign
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Exterior photo of western dining commons
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480 Western Dr

(513) 529-2750

Built with the latest features in sustainability, Western Dining Commons has been awarded the title of LEED Certified Silver Building. Inside you will find four menus to choose from.

Health and Safety precautions may alter service at this location. Please review our latest Health and Safety updates at MiamiOH.edu/Health&Safety.

Door Rates 2019-2020


Breakfast - $8.25   •   Lunch - $10.65   •   Dinner - $12.75   •  Faculty/Staff - $8.20

Children (5 & Under)

No Charge


Grill & Roast Station

Providing hearty options for those looking for a satisfying meal, the Grill & Roast Station serves a rotating menu of pizzas, boneless chicken wings, burgers, roasted vegetables, sandwiches, and more. 

International Station

Experience flavors from all over the globe in just one stop. You can choose from items inspired by the cuisines of India, Italy, Greece, France, Thailand, China, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Jamaica and more. This concept also include homestyle favorites of the U.S. The International Station offers a combination of customizable items and ready-made items.

Salad & Deli Station

Salad and sandwiches come together at this dining location, making it the ideal lunch destination. A full salad and fruit bar provide a healthy option for guests. Round out your meal with a delicious homemade dessert from Miami's own bakery!

Allergen Free Station

Patrons looking to avoid food allergies will find a wide-variety of dining options at this station. The food served is free of the top 8 allergens (dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, wheat) and gluten. You can choose from ready-made items and made-to-order options. This station also includes many vegetarian and vegan-friendly items. Do note that the rest of the Western Dining Commons facility is not allergen-free.

This popular on-campus market offers a large variety of groceries with an emphasis on natural and organic items. You can choose from fresh salads and sandwiches which are prepared and packaged at Miami’s own Culinary Support Center.