Western Dining Commons

Inside western dining with eat locally sign
Exterior photo of western dining commons

480 Western Dr

(513) 529-2750

Built with the latest features in sustainability, Western Dining Commons has been awarded the title of LEED Certified Silver Building. Inside you will find four menus to choose from.

Health and Safety precautions may alter service at this location. Please review our latest Health and Safety updates at MiamiOH.edu/Health&Safety.

Door Rates 2022-2023


Breakfast - $8.25   •   Lunch - $10.65   •   Dinner - $12.75   •  Faculty/Staff - $8.20

Children (5 & Under)

No Charge


Global Kitchen

Farm and Forage

For Love and Pizza


Mindfull Eats

Greens and Grains


Greystone Market

This popular on-campus market offers a large variety of groceries with an emphasis on natural and organic items. You can choose from fresh salads and sandwiches and much more!