GET Smartphone App

the GET app is your all-access pass around campus. It can do anything your Miami ID card can do.

Students can use the GET Smartphone App (Apple or Android) to enable Digital ID on their smartphone. Currently, the app can also be used to access on-campus rooms. Follow these quick and easy instructions to use this great feature. Remember, you may only use this feature on your own mobile device.  You may not share passwords, PINS, or other confidential access information with anyone else.

How to set-up the GET app on your Smartphone:

  1. Launch the App Store on your Apple or Android Smartphone
  2. Search for GET Mobile
  3. Select the GET App and download it to your smartphone
  4. Launch the GET app 
  5. Log into the app by selecting 'Miami University of Ohio' and using your Miami UniqueID and Password
  6. Once you have successfully logged in, create and enter a PIN code. *Make note of this pin for future logins.
  7. Update your contact information with your preferred email address and phone number. *To do this, select 'More' from the options bar at the bottom and then click 'Settings'. Users will not be able to place orders unless a valid phone number is entered. It is also how the app will alert you when food orders are ready for pick-up.
Learn more about GrubHub Mobile Ordering at select dining locations.

Using the GET App

  1. Open the GET Mobile: Campus ID Card Management application on your phone. There will be no need to login (it stores this information during the setup process) however you will need to enter the PIN you created for the app.
  2. Mobile Access will allow you to open a door using your mobile device. You can also see your account balances and transaction history.
  3. A list of doors you have access to will display on your screen. The locations will be ordered with the doors accessed more often at the top. Your proximity to the location will also be used in determining which locations will show in your list. Select the door you want to open.
  4. You will then see a blue Activate button. Click the button and you will either get a  response of “request approved check the door” or “Error Denied - Not within distance of reader”.
  • You must be within 10 feet of a door in order for the door to open. If you are not within that distance, you will see the error message “Error: Denied – Not within distance of reader”
  • If approved you will get the message “Approved – check the door”
  • Be sure you are connected to Miami's wireless network for the best functionality
  • Student room doors retain 5 days’ worth of recent ID card transaction data. It’s important to know that while it is stored in our online system,
    GET Mobile entry data is NOT stored at the door lock. It is critical that you use your ID card to tap into your room at least once every 5 days. In the unlikely event that we would lose networking in a building, or if the door lock goes offline, this will enable a student to still be able to enter their room using their ID card.
  • If you have not tapped into the door in the last 2 weeks, you may not be able to use GET Mobile to open your room.
  • You can mark 'Favorite' locations by selecting the star next to each location name. 
  • Remember, this feature may ONLY be used on your own mobile device, for your own use.  Your account and privileges may not be used by anyone else, or shared with anyone.  Violations of this guideline will be referred to the Office of Community Standards.
  • If you are locked out of your room and cannot gain access, please contact your RA or Resident Director for immediate assistance. You should also contact the Campus Services Center for additional assistance with damaged or lost ID Cards, or problems using the GET Mobile App