Knowing Your Professors: Video Transcript

Caitlyn Jones [Psychology and English:Professional Writing double major]: Miami does a great job of being a school that is, you still get the feel of a big college experience, but the classroom sizes are really small.

Aristotle Kayafas [Biology major]: The feel that I got walking around campus was a lot different than a lot of the other colleges, and it had a really unique feel of being large but also small at the same time.

Connor Dolson [Biology major]: I've been able to know professors on a personal level since day one.

Danielle Lott [Psychology major]: I feel like the faculty were really passionate about getting students to be passionate about doing research and finding career options that work for them.

Gage Huey [Anthropology major]: Knowing how to talk to different groups of people and how to have that cultural awareness and understanding is one of the most important skills that I've gotten here.

Caitlyn Jones: You actually get a real one-on-one experience with all of the professors and even the other students, and that leads to really good discussions.

Edith Lui [Political Science and Philosophy double major]: Being able to have a back-and-forth questioning with my professor and other students in the class.

Kathy Swerbenski [Psychology major]: I've never met a professor who doesn't seem to want to make sure that I'm going to do amazing in my classes.

Lexi Skolaris [Microbiology major]: Being able to work with graduate students and professors and all types of different people to kind of get a wide variety of experience.

Molly O'Donnell [Public Administration and Urban and Regional Planning double major]: That ability to work in a team that doesn't always fit your expectations has served me incredibly well.

Connor Dolson: They're trying to help me every way they can and make sure I can be the best professional I can be once I leave Miami.

Josiah Collins [Journalism and Sports Leadership & Management double major]: Immerse yourself in everything, and then just jump right into it and learn as much as you can.

[March 2019]