A student works at the microscope.

CAB offers activities for:

  • children
  • high school students
  • science teachers

We are committed to sharing our research results in animal behavior with younger scientists, such as K-12 students as well as teachers.

We welcome local K-12 teachers to attend our seminars and other events, particularly those related to animal behavior, including:

The research forum highlights exciting new animal behavior research by Miami University undergraduates.

A student works at the computer.


  • promote collaborative opportunities in behavioral science
  • provide excellent opportunities for undergraduates and graduates to study animal behavior
  • increase awareness and interest in animal behavior to teachers, school children, and the community at large

Miami University Butterfly Gardens

Miami University and its students, staff, and faculty are devoted to supporting a sustainable campus through environmental restoration projects. Miami's butterfly gardens all have flowering plants that are native to the area and provide homes and food for native animal species.