Why Try?

Note: CSBMHP is the evaluator of Why Try? and does not provide this program's services.

"The manual the hospital forgot to give you!"

Butler County has adopted the Why Try Program for students. This program helps to answer the question, "Why should I try in school?" Why Try uses a series of 10 visual metaphors to teach vital social, emotional, and leadership principles. The program's unique multisensory approach caters to every learning type.

Over 2 million students have participated in this program. Classes are 10 weeks in length, 1 night per week from 6 - 9 pm.

This program has produced favorable outcomes in such areas as:

  • Increased GPA
  • Increased Graduation Rate
  • Reduction in Disruptive Behavior
  • Improved Self-Concept & Emotional Health

This life-changing class offers concrete, no-nonsense solutions to the most difficult parent questions. Classes are 10 weeks in length and are offered at multiple locations within Butler County. We look forward to working with you to support your children in making healthy, safe choices and being successful in all aspects of life.