Naturalist Program

In cooperation with the Ohio State University Extension Service, the Center offers a comprehensive program for any Miami student wishing to become certified as a naturalist.  Interested students must complete all requirements for the course BIO 311, Vertebrate Zoology, which is offered through Miami University's Department of Biology.  Alternatively, qualified students may substitute previous experience or coursework, with the joint approval of the Director of the Hefner Museum of Natural History and the Director of the Center. 

Candidates for certification must be able to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the following topics:

•    Ecological Concepts
•    Watersheds
•    Aquatic Life
•    Stewardship
•    Geology
•    Soils
•    Plants
•    Forests
•    Entomology/Macroinvertebrates
•    Herpetology
•    Ornithology
•    Mammals

In addition, they should be able to:

•    Plan and present an interpretive talk before an audience, demonstrating the incorporation of various interpretive methods.
•    Compare and contrast interpretation with education.
•    Identify methods used by interpreters to involve their audience.
•    Address group dynamics to maintain control and leadership of the group.

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Museum Director, Steve Sullivan, at or call 513.529.4617.