composite photo of students conducting research at the Ecology Research Center


80 Acres Farms — Career Opportunities
(April 16)

Classes End
(May 8)

Study Days
(May 9-10)

Final Examinations
(May 11-16)

Commencement Weekend
(May 16-17)

ERC Spotlight

photo of Olivia Wetsch
"I started exploring research opportunities in 2015, in the fall of my sophomore year. I'm now doing ecology research with associate professor of biology Michelle Boone and her graduate students, Tyler Hoskins and Miranda Strasburg, all of whom have been great mentors for me. Last summer here at the Ecology Research Center (ERC) we studied the effects of parasite and fungus co-infections on [cricket] frogs."

- Olivia Wetsch, Class of 2018

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