Children in Soviet Gulag
Soviet Gulag
Soviet Gulag
Soviet Gulag

YouTube documentaries

Soviet Gulag - Documentary video without sound portrays the work that was assigned to prisoners and the way they were completing it. It also includes the true Soviet administration personas with all variety of tasks it was giving to its prisoners.

Secrets from Stalin's critic - A former Nobel prize winner, and one of the Soviet Union's most famous dissident writers, has released a biography about his life opposing Stalin. RussiaToday caught up with Natalia Solzhenitsyna at a book launch of her husband.

The Gulag Lives On - Russia - June 2003... In the forests of southern Siberia, workers are still working as serfs in the Gulag, paying off North Korea's $3.8 billion Cold War debt. Kim Sung Chol came to work at a North Korean Logging Camp in Siberia on a three-year 'contract'. He never received a single rouble.


The “Gulag” movie: Lost in Siberia - Geopolitics and big oil play into the capture of a British geologist by the Russian military in Iran at the end of 1945. As soon as they capture him, they ship him off to a Siberian prison camp. The majority of the rest of the film is about his attempts to survive, and the relationships and adventures he has while imprisoned. Despite the presence of an English star, the rest of the major performers in this film are Russian, and it was one of the first films made on Russian soil to clearly depict life in the infamous gulags (prison labor camps) of Siberia. The geologist has numerous significant relationships, but the most dramatically compelling are with a female camp doctor and a young girl prisoner.


Gulag Article "New Yorker" [PDF]* - the author travels to former labor camp prisons and documents on the details he saw. His tour guide, Sergei Lunev, described the places to the author from his native perspective, which made author's observations more colorful and history-enriched.

Photos of Gulag territory

A bed in an abandoned Siberian Gulag, by Dr. A. Hugentobler extracted from a “Mental Floss” magazine

Photo pictorial of now abandoned Gulag sites by a curious adventurer Filatova Elena Vladimirovna

Siberian gulags, once hard-labour camps for Soviet prisoners, are being turned into tourist destinations by Russian entrepreneurs

Solzhenitsyn’s anti-Soviet writings are finally being released to public “The Boston Globe”

The hardship of Siberian Labor camps depicted on a Catholic website

Stalin’s heartless decisions effected those who absolutely did not deserved them

Prevalent starvation in Soviet Gulag

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