Each semester, the Havighurst Center hosts the Havighurst Colloquia Series. This lecture series, which is attached to an undergraduate, cross-listed topics course focusing on Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (REEES), is comprised of invited guest speakers who lecture on some aspect of the topic being taught that particular semester.

Spring 2023
Populism in Eastern Europe and Beyond


Organizer: Dr. Venelin Ganev (POL), Email: 
Mondays, 11:40am-1:00pm 
Harrison Hall 109

The colloquia series explores the causes and consequences of the rise of populist leaders in Eastern Europe in the 2010's, with special emphasis on their electoral strategies, the way in which they govern and the impact of their policies on democratic institutions.

March 6
Veljko Vujacic, Oberlin College
Nationalism and Populism as a Response to Political Decay: A Comparison of Milosevic’s Serbia
and Putin’s Russia

April 3
Michael Bernhard, University of Florida
Post-Communist Democracy and the Problem of Accountability

April 10
Kurt Weyland, University of Texas, Austin
Populism’s Threat to Democracy: Eastern Europe in Comparative Perspective

April 24
Tsveta Petrova, Columbia University
Ethno-Populism, Democracy, and Autocracy: Experimental Evidence from Poland and Hungary

May 1
Alexander Kiossev, Sofia University
Populism and Patriotism